Dobermans Are My Passion

I have been professionally training for over a decade.  I completed college, earning a BA in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from SLU.  After college, I completed additional professional training in order to earn various certifications.  Continuing education is essential to staying relevant and I keep up to date studying canine behavior through meetings, field practice, publications, and live seminars. Some of the most interesting and informative education has been lectures presented by veterinary behavior experts like Dr. Ian Dunbar, founder of Associations of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and Dr. Lynn Seibert, President of The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB). One of the highlights of my training career includes meeting Julie Vargas (B.F. Skinner's daughter) at a behavioral seminar where she was a keynote speaker.

After working with hundreds of pet parents with much success, the pivotal point in my career was realizing I am living my dream and following my passion. One of my pet parents thanked me for saving her dog's life, "She would have had to go to a shelter.  We were just so frustrated by her behavior."  Her four-year-old shouted, "Yea, she's a superhero, mom!"  We both had a good laugh.  Sadly, many of the dogs that I work with have severe behavioral problems.  Many of these dogs would have ended up in a shelter or worse, so maybe I am a superhero, and yes, I do save lives!

I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and everything in my life revolves around the dogs and my incredibly supportive husband.  When I am not training my 'pet parent's' dogs, I am usually at a dog competition, lecture, seminar, or another dog event of some kind.  I specialize in training working breeds and currently as well as in the past, participated in the following: AKC and IABCA Conformation, Therapy visits (through Pet Partners), task training Service Dogs, Agility, and Obedience.  My hope is to one day also compete in IPO. 

Before attempting to dive into the world of breeding, I did extensive research.  Professionally training dogs has always been my first passion and learning never stops.  Breeding correctly does not mean throwing two dogs together.  The science and art behind behavior and training is extensive, and this is no different when it comes to breeding.  I was unsure if the resources, time, and knowledge required to breed correctly were obtainable alongside a professional training career.  However, the more research and training I completed, the more convinced I became to follow my dream of producing and eventually cross-training my own Dobermans.