How often do you breed?

I breed only when I want to hold seomething back for myself to show. On occasion, I will have puppies available to loving companion homes on a limited registration. I will also have puppies available to potential show homes on a co-ownnership contract. Please contact me if you are interested in adding yourself to my waiting list.

What is the difference between a companion (pet) puppy and a show puppy?

They are ALL commpanions first and foremost, but the difference between a show dog and a pet puppy is the degree to which each meets the standard for the breed. Certain disqualifications result from missing traits that aren't always immediately identifiable. Sometimes a puppy will not get all of it's adult teeth, or one testicle will not drop. Other times a puppy just lacks some of the qualities the breeder was trying to improve upon. PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to understand that these very minor inperfections are never going to be traits that affect your puppies' quality of life!! These puppies are designated as 'pet' puppies, and will be placed on limited registration to approved homes.

What will I get from a reputable breeder that I will not get from an unreputable 'backyard breeder' (byb)?

  1. A beautiful puppy that comes from a carefully planned pairing between 2 health tested parents with stable temperaments who have proved thye are worthy of being bred.
  2. A mentor and support sytem for the life of the dog.
  3. Answers to any questions you might have at any time. You will also become a part of our online Rougaroux Doberman community.
  4. A wealth of information about the breed.
  5. A safe home for the dog if you EVER have to give it up NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  6. Assistance posting your new puppie's ears.

Can I have a puppy with natural ears and tails?

I am a responsible breeder who adheres to the DPCA standard for breed. The Doberman standard asks for "ears normally cropped and carried erect." As such, all puppies must have their ears cropped, tails docked and dewclaws removed. No exceptions. The surgery is performed by a veterinarian specialist. The sutures will be removed and the ear edges healed before the puppy leaves to his/her new home.

What colors do you breed for?

Black/rust and red/rust.

Do you offer a health guarntee?

Yes. A two year health guarantee is offered with all puppies.


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